The 14th Annual Texas health Literacy Conference – Apply for a Scholarship


The 14th Annual Texas health Literacy conference will take place on October 3-4, 2019.

This conference is one of the best conferences held in San Antonio that pertains to our field of Community Health.

If you are able to commit to attend both days, including the evening panel and keynote session, please send me your name, email address and phone number and I will submit the list to Liz to apply for the scholarship.

Please carefully review your calendar and personal commitments and determine if this is something you want to do. Out of respect and to be good stewards of the funds being dedicated to sponsor the registration fee, we ask you to examine your availability before putting your name on the list.

This is on first come, first served basis. Only 20 entries available.

To Apply, email me your information at

For information about the conference and Health Collaborative, visit the links below.

Texas Health Literacy

The Health Collaborative