Mission Statement: The San Antonio Community Health Workers Association strives to provide representation and continuing education for certified community health workers, to promote and  foster collaboration across disciplines.

The Community Health Worker Association began as an effort to organize alumni from the Community Health Worker Program at Northwest Vista College in 2010. The Association was born out of the need for representation and advocacy regarding the recognition of the Community Health Worker as a professional. Today, we have grown and expanded our membership to include anyone certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services in the San Antonio and Bexar County area.

We are a network of educated and trained CHWs. Our educational background varies from CHWs with a Level 1 certificate as a Community Health Worker, Associate Degree in Applied Science in community health, Bachelors of Health with a concentration in community health, sociology, social work, and master’s degrees in public health and social work.

We are compassionate and resilient individuals dedicated to improving the quality of life of our families, communities, and city. We do this by strengthening families with information and resources to enhance their individual potential. We empower and connect families. We navigate public and social service systems with individuals and families. We play and belong. We overcome barriers together!

How to obtain CHW  certification and/or Associates Degree? Visit https://www.alamo.edu/nvc/chw

The CHW Program at Northwest Vista College will offer remote synchronous and asynchronous as well as Hybrid CHW courses in the Fall 2021 Semester.

See CHW Certification class schedule by clicking on the link below.