Community Engagement Event

September 14, 2019. A group of Community Health Worker students from the Community Health Worker Program at Northwest Vista College led a team of Certified Community Health Workers in a walk along the Guadalupe, Calavera and Cesar Chavez Streets in the Westside of San Antonio during the Dieciseis de Septiembre Parade. Our team joined the Annual Avenida Guadalupe Association’s Parade alongside other community organizations in celebration of Mexico’s Independence.

CHWs engage and participate in cultural and community events to honor our community. We live with, work and serve members from this community and therefore our presence and active participation is a way to remind community members of the mutual collaboration and shared goals we have in common.

A special thanks to our colleagues members of the organizing committee who helped organize our participation in this community event. Robert Gomez, Frank Morales, Ludivina Hernandez, Cynthia Parker, Isabel Vasquez, Dr. Fernando Martinez and Guadalupe Cornejo thank you for your time and leadership.