A message of hope and a call to action:


Image source: Office of Council District 5 Shirley Gonzales

I hope this message finds you doing well. As we are all adjusting our lives to make the best with what we have while supporting our families and continuing to work either from the safety and comfort of our homes [for some] or continuing to go to work as usual, I pray that you find strength, courage, and wisdom to continue thriving and moving forward.

Let’s all do what we can to stay informed and to only consume and share information conducive to understanding this disease of COVID-19. We can help others understand the seriousness and benefits of practicing social distancing and good hygiene along with other preventative measures recommended by public health officials and health care providers by being responsible role models and advocates.

Changing the behavior and culture to adjust to social distancing recommendations in addition to the economical, emotional, mental, and physical health impact this public health crisis is causing is overwhelming, to say the least. But It is evident that we need each other and of our community to get us through this public health crisis and therefore we need to do what we can to be positive influencers in helping others around us to change their behavior and approach. We can do this by dispelling any myths, fears or misinformation and by modeling handwashing, social distancing and safe greeting alternatives as well as connecting people to needed services.

Furthermore, I commend those of you taking care of your families, children, the elderly and those with immunocompromised systems. I also, applaud every effort made by you in helping the community by volunteering, donating to local organizations, buying local, by continuing serving your clients/patients and students and by buying only the necessary items for your family.

Collectively, we can all do our part to contain the community spread of the virus. Please stay safe and practice precaution when interacting with individuals and when returning home to your family and loved ones.

Reach out for support to fellow CHWs or friends and stay connected.


Guadalupe Cornejo, CHWI

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