CHWs at Dieciseis de Septiembre Parade 2019

Special thanks to all who participated in the parade. Representation matters and having you come out with your family and friends helps create visibility of our profession and in return we, as CHWs, also have the honor to celebrate our culture and community.

Community Engagement Event

September 14, 2019. A group of Community Health Worker students from the Community Health Worker Program at Northwest Vista College led a team of Certified Community Health Workers in a walk along the Guadalupe, Calavera and Cesar Chavez Streets in the Westside of San Antonio during the Dieciseis de Septiembre Parade. Our team joined the Annual Avenida Guadalupe Association’s Parade alongside other community organizations in celebration of Mexico’s Independence.

CHWs engage and participate in cultural and community events to honor our community. We live with, work and serve members from this community and therefore our presence and active participation is a way to remind community members of the mutual collaboration and shared goals we have in common.

A special thanks to our colleagues members of the organizing committee who helped organize our participation in this community event. Robert Gomez, Frank Morales, Ludivina Hernandez, Cynthia Parker, Isabel Vasquez, Dr. Fernando Martinez and Guadalupe Cornejo thank you for your time and leadership.

San Antonio Metro Health is Hiring

Attention DSHS Certified Community Health Workers

Metro Health has two openings for two full time community health workers:

The Asthma Community Health Worker will be doing case management for the SA BREATHE program; applications accepted up to September 19th[0]=SA%20Metro%20Health%20District&sort=PositionTitle%7CAscending&pagetype=jobOpportunitiesJobs

The Healthy Neighborhoods Community Health Worker will be working with primarily on the Westside of San Antonio on the strategies related to tobacco-free living, breastfeeding promotion, and referrals to community programs; applications accepted up to September 30th[0]=SA%20Metro%20Health%20District&sort=PositionTitle%7CAscending&pagetype=jobOpportunitiesJobs

CHWs at 16 de Septiembre Parade

September 14 @ 8:00 am 2:00 pm

Community Health Worker Students from Northwest Vista College and members of the San Antonio Community Health Workers Association will be marching together in celebration of the 16 de Septiembre Parade.

“The Avenida Guadalupe neighborhood Dieciséis de Septiembre Parade began 38 years ago in an effort to preserve and memorialize occurrences in local Mexican-American history, particularly recognizing San Antonio de Bexar’s important role in “El Grito de Dorores” (the Cry of Dolores) and the Mexican War of Independence” (Avenida).

In 2016, we particpated for the first time and we’ve made this a symbolic celebration to honor our connection to the community. This is a family friendly event and CHWs are encouraged to bring family and friends to join us in the walk or to enjoy the parade along the streets of the neigborhood.


The 14th Annual Texas health Literacy Conference – Apply for a Scholarship


The 14th Annual Texas health Literacy conference will take place on October 3-4, 2019.

This conference is one of the best conferences held in San Antonio that pertains to our field of Community Health.

If you are able to commit to attend both days, including the evening panel and keynote session, please send me your name, email address and phone number and I will submit the list to Liz to apply for the scholarship.

Please carefully review your calendar and personal commitments and determine if this is something you want to do. Out of respect and to be good stewards of the funds being dedicated to sponsor the registration fee, we ask you to examine your availability before putting your name on the list.

This is on first come, first served basis. Only 20 entries available.

To Apply, email me your information at

For information about the conference and Health Collaborative, visit the links below.

Texas Health Literacy

The Health Collaborative



Are you looking for employment?

Take a look at RAICES in San Antonio, a number of positions are a good match for the skills you have as a certified CHW.


Community Health Worker


Two positions are available at IHPR

Job Summary: This position is responsible for providing UT Health San Antonio Primary Care patients with education, support, and navigation services that are tailored to patient’s identified needs and health profile. The candidate will be responsible for ensuring that patient’s receive safe, quality, and valuable, patient-centered support by collaborating with members of the Population Health Team.

To apply and to learn more about this position, please follow the link below.


Community Health Worker Continuing Education

July 13 @ 8:00 am 1:00 pm

Northwest Vista College Community Health Worker Program and San Antonio Community Health Workers Association present:

San Antonio Metropolitam Health District

  • Immunization Program
  • Healthy Start
  • Healthy Texas Babies Coalition

San Antonio Community Health Workers Association (SACHWA)

  • Quaterly Meeting

SACHWA quarterly meeting | Parade Planning| Community Engagement Projects

Northwest Vista Community Health Worker Program & SACHWA


Cafe College

131 El Paso Street
San Antonio, Texas 78204 United States
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CHW (CSR Outreach)- Maximus

Maximus is hiring in the Lubbock, Abilene and Midland areas for CHW (CSR Outreach) . These are home based positions so check the counties covered by each position. Please help us recruit for these areas. Interested candidates can apply at

and click on careers.

Navigator and Nurse Care Coordinator Positions Open

The positions will be focused on screening HIV patients for Hepatitis C and educating, providing care coordination, and linkage to treatment. These staff positions will be working with clinicians and administrators to implement Project TACKLE at our Family-Focused AIDS Clinical Treatment Services (FFACTS).

The Navigator position can be accessed here.

The Nurse Care Coordinator can be accessed here.

Any applicants that are interested in applying need to send resumes to Delana Gonzales at and Ms. Katelyn Buchanan – Please note, we are looking to hire as soon as possible. We welcome any questions regarding the positions.

Community Health Worker | Part Time

The Hope International for Community Development (HICD) is a faith based organization. Our mission is to assist the poor with sustainable programs to progress. Our clients include needy individuals, refugees and families from the community. Current programs offered by HICD includes: Hunger ministry, job placement, and social service assistance. The Agency also offers referral services, and works to educate the community about various welfare resources. The Hunger ministry is done with the partnership of local churches and from 2011 each year HICD has distributed food to 2000 individuals. Through the Hurricane Harvey Project we have provided food, basic needs and rental assistance to several evacuees. The HICD Founder Samuel Rajkumar works as Director of the agency. A Board of Directors with 6 volunteer members guides the HICD.

We are partners with Health Collaborative HUB Navigators Program as Care Coordination Agencies (CCAs) to provide face-to-face visits and community care coordination to identify and remedy the social influencers of health. The Hope International for Community Development (HICD) as one of the Care Coordination Agencies (CCA), in combination with other entities under contract with the HUB, will provide this community based care coordination using the Pathways model and systems by hiring a Community Health Worker as Navigator. The HUB is designed to coordinate the effort to engage adult, pediatric and pregnant individuals at risk for poor health and social outcomes. The HUB aims to improve health and social outcomes for enrolled community members. 

Duties and Deliverables through Navigator’s (CHW) work: 

The CCA shall, subject to the direction of the HUB and the HUB’s Quality Assurance Manual: 

1. Hire and maintain a Texas State certified Community Health Workers (CHWs) fully dedicated to community care coordination through the Pathways model; 

2. Supervise CHW fully dedicated to the HUB; 

3. Provide timely and appropriate supervision of home visits and related documentation; 

4. Identify at-risk underserved individuals within the identified populations and enroll them as care coordination clients through the HUB; 

5. Provide home visiting based community care coordination consistent with National Pathways Community HUB Certification requirements; 

6. Connect clients with evidenced based interventions associated with specific Pathways. 

7. Track its service to clients using Pathways to document progress and outcomes in the HUB’s data system; 

8. Maintain all client data in compliance with all applicable requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) and all regulations promulgated there under (including (but not limited to) the HIPAA Privacy Rule and Security Rule) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009 (“HITECH”) and all regulations promulgated there under; 

9. Enter into a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with the HUB, and with any other entity with which it shares client data; 

10. Modify its consent/release of information agreement, to be signed by clients to authorize the required sharing of personal health information (PHI) throughout the HUB and its affiliates. The HUB will review CCA’s consent documents and advise as to any modifications necessary, to be in compliance with HUB requirements; 

11. Secure proper authorization, in writing or electronically secure, from clients prior to the gathering of client PHI; 

12. Transmit to the HUB, within 48 hours, properly executed client consent authorization; 

13. Complete service documentation for HUB quality improvement review and billing within expected timelines. These include 48-hour minimum for CHW documentation and 48 hours for completed supervisor documentation. 

14. Attend HUB training and all required continuing education and training meetings provided by the HUB for both CHW and supervisor; 

15. Participate in other community events, as defined by the HUB, and serve to represent the local HUB at meetings no more than an average of two times per month;  

16. Provide representation on the HUB Community Advisory Board to promote the growth and further development of the HUB and expand the positive outcome impact within the service region; 

17. Maintain human resource policies and procedures in compliance with HUB operational requirements; 

18. Perform quality improvement and participate in quality assurance activities of the HUB; 

19. Work and innovate, collaboratively and respectfully, with other HUB CCAs and direct service providers to transform health and reduce risks faced within the communities served; and 

20. Comply with all HUB operational standards as described in the Quality Assurance Manual. 

Pay: Around $12/per hour up to 20 hrs per week

Submit resumes to :